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01 Executive Protection      

02 Introduction to PSS Operative      

03 Advance Tactical Shooting to include M9, Glock 19, M4, 240B


04 Tactical Driving


05 SERE (Survival, Execution, Recon, Escape)


06 Radio Procedures


Convoy Operations


Tactical Medicine


Surveillance and Counter Surveillance


Sniper and counter Sniper Tactics


Protective Security Formations


Counter Ambush Techniques


IED familiarization (Improvised Explosive Devices)


VBID (Vehicle Born Explosive Device) Detection and Familiarization)


Arrivals and Departures


Anti-Active Shooter


Personal Protective of VIP Property and assets


VIP Protective Techniques


Rescue and Recovery Operations


Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism Techniques


Threat Mitigation


Defensive Tactics


Hand to Hand Combat


Apprehension Techniques


K9 Bomb Detection


Escalation of Force


Foundation For Protection Officers Certification


28 Use of Force Theory SE-02



29 Pressure Point Control Tactics 
( PPCT-Handcuffing,Baton,Weapon retention,etc )



30 Security Personnel Training SE-04



31 Fraud Prevention SE-05



32 Personal Security SE-06



33 Security Guard Training SE-07



34 Police Tactical Training SE-08



35 Military Close Quarter Combat SE-09



36 knife Defence/Fighting SE-10



37 Defensive Tactics SE-11



38 Fitness and Nutrition SE-12



39 Emergency and Disaster Response SE-13



40 Crisis/Suicide intervention SE-14



41 Tactical Communication SE-15



42 Navigation SE-16



43 Reconnaissance/Patrolling SE-17



44 Search and Rescue SE-18



45 Firearms Safety SE-19



46 Tactical Firearms SE-20



47 VIP Close Body Protection SE-21



48 Risk, Threat and Countermeasures SE-22



49 Security Investigations SE-23



50 Convoy Escort SE-24



51 Effective Communications
(Intro to Human Behaviour Analysis)



52 Advanced Human Behaviour Analysis SE-26



53 Tactical interviewing SE-27



54 Fight or Flight SE-28



55 Relationship Toolbox SE-29



56 Teambuilding SE-30



57 Cultural Diversity SE-31



58 Leadership SE-32



59 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution SE-33



60 Project Management SE-34



61 Security Systems' Courses SE-35



62 Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics SE-36



63 Intro to Security Installation SE-37



64 Alarm Wiring Methods SE-38



65 Alarm systems SE-39



66 Alarm System Installation 
(Installation, Programming, Testing Alarm)



67 Practicum SE-41



68 Advanced Security Systems SE-42



69 Video Design Theory SE-43



70 CCTV Systems overview SE-44



71 Cameras SE-45



72 Lighting / IR SE-46



73 Lenses SE-47



74 Transmission SE-48



75 Monitors SE-49



76 Pan/Tilts & Domes SE-50



77 Switchers and Quads SE-51



78 Multiplexer, DVD and Matrix SE-52



79 Digital Management Systems SE-53



80 Recorders SE-54



81 Site Assessment SE-55



We Can arrange to conduct any Course at any time upon the request of our Clients

The Delegates train and learn by doing. Our Instructors, fully qualified, do more than just lecture they proactively get involved in raising the competency level of all Delegates. Brief lectures are followed by hands-on exercises so that delegates master new skills right away. Review and assessment follows

Our courses feature group activities to create social involvement, allow full participation, encourage team building and simulate a real world workplace. Being part of a team will always help the Delegates to overcome limitations and learn faster. As a result, they master the tools and techniques quicker, with deeper knowledge and with lasting effect – because they totally get immersed in their course.

Our Development Centre is purpose-built and tailor-made to provide the above service.

We ensure that our courses are packed with relevant and consistently up-to-date knowledge. For further details of these courses and to answer all you queries, please contact us. We would like to help you do a better job in all aspects of Health Safety and Environment.

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